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Get to know Lily and the team!

Who We Are

Introducing the small but mighty team at Lily Bakes Cakes. Together we provide Glasgow with a shop full of weekly baked treats and a plethora of custom cake designs.



Hey, I’m Lily and this is my wee business/baby. I started the company completely by accident while healing from major surgery. Having just achieved a degree in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art, baking was a creative outlet for me while I was stuck in the house for months. I started posting my creations on Instagram and it all took off from there thanks to you lovely lot! Now you will find me working late into the night most days a week so I can open a shop full of sweet treats and sleeping all day on a Sunday with an Aperol Spritz in my hand! I drink far too much coffee, listen to an interesting selection of music, and watch a scary amount of murder documentaries.



Jonny is my boyfriend turned boss cake jar assembler and cookie dough extraordinaire! After getting a degree in Geology (the man loves rocks, it’s weird) he was hit by a strange COVID world and started working a couple of easy shifts a week for me out of sheer pity, because damn, did I need the help! One year later and he is a full-time baker, cleaner, business adviser, and emotional crutch here at L.B.C. You will find him serving up a storm on a Friday, mopping floors on a Monday, and watching Call of Duty YouTube videos on a Wednesday (get back to work!).



Lucy is the newest member of the team who started working for us just a few months ago and wow, she fits right in! At first, I was worried that she would be far too cool for us, being a decade younger and all, but it turns out all you need to do is watch a few TikTok videos and we’re on her level. She slices a mean wedge of cake and serves every customer with a smile. She loves dogs just as much as we do which is a MUST if you want to work at L.B.C.

Our store

We run a friendly bakery in Partick, Glasgow serving everything from cakes, brownies, cookies etc. Everything is freshly baked on-site and we pride ourselves on providing exciting flavours and fun designs! We currently open every Friday and Saturday. You can check out our Instagram for shop updates and our forever changing weekly menu.

Lily lovingly creates each and every custom order herself, so space is sadly limited.

To order a custom cake, please come instore to discuss and secure date.

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